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Registrations for the Summer term, are now open.

Tiffin Sports Centre

Mon   5.30 / 6.30 pm - Ballet Level 1 (5-6 yrs)


Pavilion Clubhouse (Richmond)

Mon   3.15 / 4.00 pm - Pre-primary (3-4 yrs)
             4.00 / 5.00 pm - Level 1 (5-6 yrs)

Wed   3.15 / 4.00 pm - Pre-primary (3-4 yrs) 
   4.00 / 5.00 pm - Level 1 (5-6 yrs)

Kingston College

Tue:    7.00 / 8.30 pm - Ballet Adults (15 yrs - over)

Thu:   7.30 / 8.30 pm -Ballet Adults (15 yrs - over)

Sat:     11.30 / 12.15 pm - Pre-Primary Ballet (3-4 yrs)

            12.30 / 1.30 pm - Ballet Level 1 (5-6 yrs)

            1.30 / 3.30 pm - Ballet Level 2 (7-8 yrs) 



Great News!!!

After several steps of evaluation, Ms Maria Celano has been selected to start the Affiliate Teachers Program of the Royal Ballet School, which will entitle her to run examinations following the guideline provided by the Royal Ballet School

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School of Ballet.


My name is Maria, I am the founder of this school, and I endevour to provide high teaching standards, love and professionalism.

The main objective is to prepare the students for their introduction to the wonderful discipline of dance, making possible every wish becomes possible, and this can happen only through commitment.

However, this doesn’t mean we forget about having fun, and my heart-felt insight is that there is no learning without enjoyment, regardless they want to dance for recreational purposes or for a professional perspective. The most important thing is to love it!

A little bit of what people are saying

- Vineeta, Maya's Mum

" ...Maria is professional, incredibly talented and committed to teach ballet the right way, her passion for ballet shines through and it’s so refreshing to see a teacher that’s this passionate about her craft... "

- Elena, Olivia's Mum

" ...We love the ballet class with Maria because she is very professional, kind and really good with children. She is very involved in her teaching, bringing all kind of lovely resources to the class and she is also teaching the children about discipline. We highly recommend Maria and her classes. "

- Rhiannon, Aurelia's Mum

" We have tried a number of different ballet classes for my 3 year old daughter and this is above and beyond the best class for miles! Maria is both nurturing and inspirational for the little ones... "

- Elliz, from adult Ballet 

" ...I have been blessed by having a professional and dedicated teacher in Maria. Her professionalism and dedication to her students goes above and beyond anyone I have encountered. She gives her individual attention to all of us and makes us better than we are. She gives us hope, zeal, determination and helps us focus on the present moment and making us better than who we are. She is incredibly sensitive and her emotional intelligence is unique... "


Maria started her studies of Ballet when she was 13 years old, in a professional school in Italy where she was taught the Vaganova Method. In the 2009, she won a scholarship for the National Dance Academy of Rome and in 2010, her talent for the art of ballet, was soon recognised by the international choreographer Luc Bouy that, after her successful audition, chose her as a member of the ballet company Dansepartout. Maria’s repertoire as a dancer, include The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, The Carnival of the Animals and The Turandot and many othersplus numerous collaborations with artists all around Italy. Maria stopped dancing in 2016 and, from that moment, she embarked the passion for teaching dance. For this reason, she moved to UK and she amplified her perception of dance and she discovered different approaches to the teaching methods, focusing on IDTA syllabus, but without forgetting the strong classical schemes of Cecchetti and Vaganova.


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Mums and Adults

The main score will be the coaching of classical technique including barre work, centre practise, and stretching.

Advantages will be determined by an improvement of body's flexibility, strength, coordination and balance, for an overall increase of wellbeing.


The objective of these lessons, is to provide a complete education in classical ballet with a higher level of training from the youngest age upwards, following a traditional sequence of exercises, (barre, centre and allegro), expressly taught in the correct French terminology.

Private Ballet Lessons Available

A one-to-one lesson tailored on the level of expertise of the client. A private lesson is based on a high standard coaching, focused on the preparation of variations, exams or auditions. The chance of learning in depth the ballet  technique with the plus of staying in your own space and avoiding classes distractions.

Orchestra Audience

The Love remains the first thing!

I have been  dancing for more than 20 years, and this profession is founded on dedication, commitment and pure love.